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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Press Video  

BroadwayWorld, 11/2/15
Hedwig, John Cameron Mitchell, and a Wig in a Box Help Boyfriend Pop the Question

Playbill, 9/14/14
See Neil Patrick Harris, Lena Hall, and Darren Criss Join Taye Diggs for Hedwig’s Thrilling Final Curtain Call, 9/14/15
A Starry Send-Off for Broadway’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch

TheaterMania 9/9/15
Hedwig Raises Over Half a Million Dollars for Hetrick-Martin Institute

The Hollywood Reporter, 9/7/15
Taye Diggs, Hedwig Composer Reflect on “Spiritual” Broadway Run

TheaterMania, 9/3/15
Final Bow: 6 Hedwigs, One “Angry Inch” – The Band at the Belasco Tells All

USA Today, 7/27/15
Taye Diggs Gives Hedwig a Makeover

New York Post, 7/23/15
Taye Diggs’ Hedwig Debut Thrills Broadway

People, 7/22/15
Exclusive: First Photos of Taye Diggs Onstage in Hedwig on Broadway

Playbill, 7/22/15
Taye Diggs is Hedwig! 7 Burning Questions with the Star

New York Times Magazine, 7/21/15
How Taye Diggs is Transforming the Role of Hedwig

Playbill, 7/1/15
Darren Criss and Team Hedwig Having at Blast at NYC Pride

Vogue, 6/25/15
Taye Diggs’s First Appearance as Hedwig is Perfect

People Magazine, 6/24/15
Taye Diggs on Starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Huffington Post, 6/9/15
Taye Diggs is Ready to Bring “A Little Chocolate” to Hedwig on Broadway

Variety, 6/7/15
Tonys Backstage: Hedwig Co-Creator and Star John Cameron Mitchell

Vice, 5/31/15
Meet the First Black Woman to Play Yitzhak in Hedwig

New York Times, 5/18/15
Taye Diggs Will Be Broadway’s Next Hedwig

Associated Press, 5/12/15
Darren Criss and Rebecca Naomi Jones on Jumping into Hedwig

Vulture, 5/12/15
Darren Criss Might Kiss You During Hedwig if You’re Not Paying Attention

Wall Street Journal, 5/11/15
47 Questions with Darren Criss, Star or Hedwig and Glee

Out Magazine, 4/29/15
Darren Criss on Becoming Hedwig

Variety, 4/27/15
John Cameron Mitchell to Win Special 2015 Tony Award

Playbill, 4/17/15
8 Burning Questions with Hedwig Star Darren Criss

New York Times Magazine, 4/16/15
Michael C. Hall in Hedwig - Intimate Backstage Portraits of a Broadway Star

Billboard, 4/13/15
Darren Criss Goes Glam in Hedwig – First Look

Playbill, 4/8/15
New Hedwig Stars Darren Criss and Rebecca Naomi Jones Meet the Press

Playbill, 4/5/15
All Four Broadway Hedwigs Take the Stage for Lena Hall’s Final Bow

Playbill, 3/2/15
Rebecca Naomi Jones Will Be Broadway’s New Yitzhak in Hedwig

Playbill, 2/18/15
Pre-Hedwig, Darren Criss Looks Back on Glee

New York Times, 2/17/15
Darren Criss to Replace John Cameron Mithcell in Hedwig

Playbill, 2/14/15
John Cameron Mitchell on Hedwig

DuJour, 2/5/15
Chatting With Grammy-Nominated Composer Stephen Trask

Wall Street Journal, 2/2/15
John Cameron Mitchell on Hedwig

Time Out NY, 1/29/15
John Cameron Mitchell on Bringing Hedwig to Broadway

The Guardian, 1/27/15
Hedwig and Me: How John Cameron Mitchell’s Star Transformed My Life

Vanity Fair, 1/23/15
Sketches from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Playbill, 1/23/15
Fans Rejoice, “The Queen is Home” at Hedwig

John Cameron Mitchell Returns Triumphant at Hedwig

New York Times, 1/15/15
An Old Role, but New Tresses: John Cameron Mitchell Stars in Hedwig on Broadway

Billboard, 1/13/15
Neil Patrick Harris Talks Hedwig Grammy Nomination and More

The Hollywood Reporter, 12/26/14
The Best New York Theater of 2014 – Hedwig #2

The Guardian, 12/24/14
Top 10 US Theatre of 2014 – Hedwig #4

Associated Press, 12/17/14
The AP Picks its Top 10 Theater of 2014 – Hedwig #1

The Advocate, 12/17/14
Best New York Theater of 2014 – Hedwig #3

USA Today, 12/17/14
The Best of Broadway in 2014 – Hall and Harris Honored

Chicago Tribune, 12/11/14
Best of Broadway 2014

BroadwayWorld, 12/5/14
Hedwig Among Grammy’s Best Musical Theater Album Nominees

Huffington Post, 12/1/14
Hedwig Co-Creator Stephen Trask Turns Up the “Midnight Radio”

New York Times, 11/20/14
John Cameron Mitchell to Return as Star of Hedwig

New York Post, 10/27/14
Hedwig’s Stolen Wig Rocks Broadway

Wall Street Journal, 10/15/14
Michael C. Hall Rehearses for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

InStyle, 9/15/14
From Hanging with Lena Dunham to Gluing on Fake Eyelashes, Andrew Rannells Is a Guy Girls Can Relate To

New York Times,
Michael C. Hall Will Put on Heels as Hedwig

Andrew Rannells’ Photo Diary of His First Night as Hedwig

Playbill, 8/17/14
Hedwig’s Neil Patrick Harris Honored with Sardi’s Portrait

New York Times, 8/15/14
Name That Tune, and He’ll Tell a Story: A Night out with Andrew Rannells

Playbill, 8/14/14
Andrew Rannells: A New Hedwig in Town!

Entertainment Weekly, 7/18/14
Andrew Rannells Gets Glittery in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

New York Times, 7/15/15
Hedwig Recoups on Broadway, 6/26/14
Hedwig Gives a Rockin’ Gift to the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBT Youth

New York Times, 6/12/14
Broadway’s New Hedwig: Andrew Rannells

Vulture, 6/11/14
Hedwig Creators Break Down How They Changed the Script for Broadway

MTV News, 6/9/14
Barney Stinson Reacts to NPH’s All-Out Tony Performance

Hollywood Reporter, 6/6/14
How the Hedwig Team Turned Neil Patrick Harris into a Bona Fide Rock Star, 5/26/14
The Hedwig Composer’s Long Road to Broadway

Rolling Stone, 5/12/14
11 Things You Learn After Spending a Week with Neil Patrick Harris

New York Times, 4/23/14
This is No Doctor, and No Lothario, Either

Trail Gazette, 4/22/14
Neil Patrick Harris Crushes It

New York, 4/22/14
A Touching, Great Production

USA Today, 4/22/14
Neil Patrick Harris Blazes as Broadway's Hedwig

Newsday, 4/21/14
Neil Patrick Harris Triumphs

New York Times, 3/30/14
Yup, That's Doogie in Drag

Entertainment Weekly, 3/29/14
First Look: Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig

Theatermania, 3/28/14
How Hedwig Came to Life Onstage

Playbill, 3/27/14
Hedwig Announces Partnership with Hetrick-Martin Institute


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